Government Shut-Down


As some of us know, the government of the United States has been shut down due to unwavering persistence of both parties of government. Both sides refuse to compromise for a spending bill to be approved, resulting in a halt of the government until a spending bill can be approved.

What does a government shut-down mean for the citizens of America?A government shut down is basically looking at all government workers and deciding whether they are necessary for the US to function or unnecessary. Those who are deemed unnecessary will be put on unpaid suspension while those who are deemed necessary continue to work as normal. This means that government funded-museums, nationals park, and other government funded recreational areas will be closed. Pay checks for thousands of other government workers will be delayed. Because of this government shut-down, the families of thousands of government workers will suffer.

While the thousands of families suffer, the president will still receive his six figure paycheck, both the House of Representatives and the Senate will get paid. That’s right, the House of Representatives and the Senate will still get paid. The ones who are unwilling to compromise, putting us in this situation, punishing the families of lower government workers will get paid in full. I learned as a kid that if you don’t complete your job, you don’t paid, this applies for almost everything in the world from being a cashier to a CEO. Why should the politicians in DC be exempt from this? Isn’t it their job to keep America functioning? Aren’t they supposed to pass bills for America’s future? Yet when they don’t accomplish their job, they still get paid. I believe that if the politicians didn’t get paid for not achieving deadlines, the government would actually get things done.

If it is actually the case that politicians do not have any ideas that will satisfy both parties, they should try asking the educated public, such as people taking political science or high school students taking classes like AP US Government who are knowledgeable in politics. There are also various other ways to foster ideas such as individual brainstorming than coming together as a group to put the best parts of the best ideas together to create a new glorious, near-perfect idea. Bad idea farming could also be a possible other way for politicians to think of new solutions. Bad idea farming is the creation of bad and absurd ideas, then taking the best parts of the bad ideas to create a new, master idea. Above all, politicians should do anything and everything for the people they represent not the paycheck they are given.


3 comments on “Government Shut-Down

  1. rrredmeat says:

    Are Republicans the new Democrats?

    Remember how in the 90′s Democrats used to whine and complain that Republicans won battle after battle because they were better organised, more disciplined and more ruthless? Well maybe the boot is on the other foot now…

    The budget / Obama-care battle is looking like one that will (sadly) be a victory for the Dems. Poll after poll shows that voters will blame the GOP for the shut down. Which is why Boehner desperately wanted to avoid this battle and save his fire for the debt ceiling fight which is just around the corner. But could he control his caucus? No. Well, not nearly as effectively as Harry Reid controlled his. Not a single Dem senator broke ranks on the budget fight, even the “red state” ones who are facing tough re-election battles and could be hurt by this.

    If Boehner had had his way, then the GOP in the house would have avoided this fight and instead been alive and well to win the debt ceiling fight. But he couldn’t control his flock as well as Reid controls his.

    So we will bleed centre-ish support over this fight instead of scoring valuable points in a totally win-able debt ceiling battle…

    And by being totally inflexible on any compromise to the budget, Reid has ruthlessly forced the first of these two big battles to be fought on terrain that favours him and will thus deliver a well-thought out victory for our Democrat friends.

  2. But you can’t change the fact that both sides are at fault here. We should not be focusing on who wins the battle against whom but instead look for a compromise between the two parties. It’s about bipartisanship and finding common ground.

  3. chrisdiep says:

    I agree with Tyler that both parties need to find a compromise for the greater good of this country, by squabbling among themselves nothing gets done and the American people would have to pay for it. The politicians number 1 priority shouldn’t siding with their party’s views stubbornly but rather working with the other party to find something they both agree on.

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