Justification of Lies


In the world of today, lies are everywhere whether it be propaganda or something the government is trying to cover up. Some say lies are completely wrong and immoral while other say that lies can be told in certain circumstances.


I believe that lies are necessary in certain circumstances such as where one person is lying to protect the life of another. Lying is unacceptable when the intention of the lie is to cover up something that can hurt another person. The US Government shows an excellent example of the incorrect time to lie. When the president was asked by the press whether the NSA was doing surveillance on the American people, he replied no. However the leaks by Snowden confirmed that the NSA was actually spying on its own people, 75% of all American internet traffic is scanned. Even though the purpose of this spying is catching possible threats to the American people, it wouldn’t hurt to let the American people know that they are being observed or just say he is not at liberty to disclose such information. There is no reason to lie so blatantly to the American people.

Many of us may be familiar with the story of Oedipus, for those that aren’t it is a story of the son of a king who Apollo prophesied would kill his own father and marry his mother. As a response to this, the king gave his son away and he ended up in another kingdom where Oedipus, the son of the king, lived under stepparents. However, Oedipus doesn’t know anything about the prophecy and that his current parents aren’t his real parents. When Oedipus roams outside his kingdom, his parents do not tell him anything and lied to him that they are his real parents. Once Oedipus sees his real father with a group Oedipus kills them due to the fact that he was insulted. Oedipus than wanders further into his father’s old kingdom and marries his mother to become king. Due to the fact that Oedipus doesn’t know that he was lied to, he doesn’t know that he has fulfilled the prophecy until it was too late.

The next time you consider lying about something, consider the consequences and how it will affect you and especially others in the future. There is no reason you should hurt others at your expense.


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