Behavior in Online Games


Many of us have heard the game “League of Legends”, a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game created by Riot Games with 32 million active monthly players. League of Legends, or LoL, is a game where two teams of 5 players seek to destroy the opposing team’s headquarters, or Nexus. League of Legends is a game where it is nearly impossible to win single-handedly, therefore teamwork and cooperation is heavily emphasized on. A player’s decisions in the game can affect his teammates negative or positively, invoking a “Nice job” to a string of insults with caps lock.

Throughout my days playing League of Legends I have seen many people rage and insult other players for their mistakes, unfortunately even at times I do the same. I have noticed that on online games, especially team-based games, criticism reaches whole new levels. Even for a simple mistake, people will type insults toward a player’s mother, father, grandparents, and any other irrelevant relation to the player. I believe this sort of criticism simply demotivates the player and causes even more arguments.

The line between constructive criticism and insulting someone is easily passed in an environment where the other player doesn’t see your face. Constructive criticism is vital to taking new ideas from good to spectacular while criticism with insults pounds at a person’s self-esteem. The next time you are about to berate someone whether it be online or to their face keep in mind that your words can motivate the person to great heights or drop the person into an abyss.


One comment on “Behavior in Online Games

  1. thebiodome says:

    I agree with what you had to say about criticizing others will result in a negative affect in a person’s self esteem, and that your words impact the way they perform or react in a game, or even in everyday life. I can relate to what you’re saying because I also play games online, specifically Call Of Duty. There are always people raging and insulting others based on how poorly they performed that game. The person giving the insult may not know realize this, but that he may be really hurting the person that is receiving the message. Sometimes I even hear threats. Although he/she may not mean it,this can lead to serious problems, if the person getting the threat takes it seriously. Therefore, I believe, rather than insulting someone because of their performance in game, why don’t you give him kind words of advice and motivation, if you want that person to do better.

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