All About the Presentation


As a teenager, whenever you see someone, you make automatic assumptions and judgement. Based on what he/she is wearing, how he/she carries himself/herself, who he/she hangs out with you make assumptions such as “Oh he must be smart” or “Wow shes pretty, but shes out of my league”. Presentation is vital in everything you do, from writing to the way you are in public to what your binder looks like.

Good presentation is showing that you are aware of the audience you intend to impress/address. You dress differently when you wake up to game all day with your friends compared to when you want to impress that special someone. If you want someone to not be negatively biased toward you from the first second he/she meets you, you want present yourself positively. This means you don’t be disrespectful to the teacher  on the first day of school or you don’t act overly arrogant when you first talk to your crush. If a bad impression is made on a person the first time you meet him/her, it makes it extremely difficult to change that person’s opinion of you into a positive one as often times the person may have such little respect for you that they simply refuse to socialize with you. It is much easier just to make a good impression the first time as it makes the person more willing to talk to you a second time.


In writing presentation is also important, the audience you intend to write to will vary and you can demonstrate who you are writing to through tone, punctuation, and word usage. Something you write to a friend can be indicated through words such as “OMG, LOL, GG, etc” while  something you write to a teacher would be more formal and you would almost never include abbreviations. The tone you use is also vital to the presentation of your blog, novel, letter, etc. Writing sentences such as “Wow, you are so stupid” is different than writing something like “I believe your mental capabilities are lacking as of the moment”. Using the wrong tone for the wrong audience can be disastrous, can you imagine saying something like “Wow, you are so stupid” to your grandparents?

The first impression you have on someone or the first time someone reads your writing will determine whether they come for a 2nd time or not so the next time you meet someone new for the first time or write a text or message to someone remember to present yourselves well!


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