Interesting Stuff of the Week #1

Interesting Things Week #1

I am going to try and do a weekly series consisting of 3-5 discoveries or events I find interesting that I see on Yahoo, Reddit, various pages on Facebook, etc. Hope you guys enjoy.

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1.  As many of us know, Somalian pirates pose a significant threat to shipping in the middle east, with 99 attacks on ships in 2012. The British Royal Navy has found a new weapon in fighting these marauders, the music of Britney Spears. Somalian pirates hate everything western culture and usually anything that has to do with the west, which the music of Britney Spear’s is perfect for as her music is the embodiment of western culture.

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2. What would you do if an investment of $27 turned into $886,000 after 4 years? For a lucky man in Norway, that question is answered easily. In 2009, Kristoffer Koch bought $26.60 worth of bitcoins, a form of online currency (An in depth explanation of bitcoins is in the article) and left it on his account.  Bitcoins are used as online currency to buy various things from drugs to online game subscriptions due to their nearly untraceable ways of transfer. Since anonymity is highly valued in buying illegal services or substances the price of bitcoins eventually went up resulting in a massive profit for Mr. Koch. Currently as of October 29, 2013, bitcoins are worth approximately $213.00.

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3. A vicious new animal has been found in the Americas, an animal comparable to the saber-tooth tigers of the Ice Age, the olinguito. The olinguito is found in the forest of Columbia and Ecuador which contains fog that makes the forests extremely difficult for researchers to study, one of the reasons why the olinguito hasn’t been identified yet. True to their vicious nature, olinguitos prefer to dine on fruits such as figs, however will eat insects and nectar if a source is present.


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