I Don’t Want to Lay Down


Have you ever had a day that you were so motivated to do something due to something you saw or experienced, then the next day you were just like eh. Your determination after setting a goal varies from day to day, sometimes it is a lot more difficult to stick to the path to your goal while other days it is a piece of cake. Whether it is to quit smoking or to stop the habit of biting your nails, a goal is a goal, quitting is quitting.

Recently, I have been trying to stick to a schedule so I wouldn’t get 4-5 hours of sleep every night, so far it hasn’t been going well. Even after setting certain times that I should be finished with certain things I still often don’t do it due to various reasons such as distractions. I would always tell myself “Just 5 more minutes” and then my willpower would crumble like a sand castle at high tide, resulting in my schedule not being followed at all.

When I was setting the schedule, I had a massive amount of willpower, I could visualize the rewards I would reap once I followed my planned schedule. I found that it often helps to visualize your goals during the times your willpower is at its lowest, seeing yourself rewarded for accomplishing your goal will make you become more determined and boost your willpower. Reading other people’s experiences whether it is on Reddit, Facebook, or an article on CNN that had a goal similar to yours can also be extremely helpful. Seeing how others dealt with the problems you dealt with can help you have the willpower to overcome once you realize it actually is possible.

If reading stories isn’t your thing, watching inspirational movies displaying the qualities you wish to have can also help you. Recently I watched “Guru of Go” which is about the Paul Westhead coaching a basketball team at Loyola Marymount University. The basketball team had one player that stood out to me, Hank Gathers. Hank had a childhood living in a neighborhood known for poverty, however he displayed an willpower to help his loving single mother with financial support. As a result he used his skills to join a college basketball team. Sadly, Hank had an abnormal heartbeat and it made it difficult for him to play basketball as he had to take medication and that made him sluggish. Hank refused to take the medicine and played games without it. As a result he collapsed in the middle of a game. Hank’s last words were “I don’t want to lay down” as he was trying to get back up. He stopped breathing shortly after. Even with the obstacle of an abnormal heartbeat, Hank gave it his all to the end. If you ever want lose your willpower to continue, remember hank’s last words, “I don’t want to lay down”.


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