Seeing Things as Things They Are Not


An ant when it looks at a bucket of water sees a towering skyscraper of liquid while when a human looks at a bucket of water sees a metal container of moderate size containing liquid. The conclusion we draw about things is influenced heavily by perspective. This means that to get the most information out of something, one must look at it from different angles. Whether that something is an abstract problem or a concrete obstacle, different perspectives will help you draw more information allowing you to create the best possible solution or analyzation.


Different perspectives are needed as you move on in life as when one sees flaws and problems of their lives as simply the flaws and problems they are, one can’t learn from them. However when a person sees those flaws and problems as learning experiences and sees the results of those as motivation to move on in life and to try not to make the same mistakes again. As of right now I have such a procrastination problem that is resulting in 4-5 hours of sleep for myself. The sad reason for my procrastination is that I just don’t feel like starting my homework, I can’t get enough of Reddit so I end up spending hours on Reddit and not getting any work done at all. Seeing my exhaustion as a incentive to do my homework earlier and go on  Reddit after, if time permits, I try to reform my bad habits, one link I don’t click at a time. 

The same altering perspectives that is used to change the results of a terrible habit into a engine behind the train of reform can be used to analyze literature and produce evaluations in your English class. One of the ways that I learned was to replace the words that can be replaced in a title of a book, or any quote really, to find “hidden interpretations”. The example that was used in class was the novel by Charles Dickens, “The Tale of Two Cities”. When we replace the words such as tale and cities we ask our selves why would the author specifically used the words “tale” and “cities” instead of story or metropolis. I believe that the word “tale” is used as tale is most often used when there is a learning experience from it due to a tragic ending, while cities is used because Charles Dickens wanted to say that that the problems arising between the two “cities” are problems that can affect anybody as cities are often used generally. It is within the power of perspective to make things how you want them to be, the perspective you use on life would either draw you back or push you foward.


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