The Possession Everyone Has


Everyone in the world, whether you live in the deserts of Africa, the tundra of Russia, or the rain forests of South America, wants to obtain more of one thing. Everyone has this one thing from the person living under the free way underpass to the person living in the multi-million dollar mansion. What is this thing you ask? This miraculous thing that is wanted by everyone, yet at the same time everyone has  is the elusive…….secret.

From the oldest man to the youngest baby, the man on the yacht to the man on the rowboat, the CEO to the immigrant, everyone has a secret in one form or another. But, that is not enough, human’s curiosity can never be satisfied of its eternal hunger for more and more knowledge. A secret becomes less and less valuable the more people know about, every piece of knowledge in this world is a secret, its just how many people know about it. There are some secrets we tell our friends, some that we only tell our family, while others that we would never think about telling anyone. The secrets we keep define who we are, as secrets are found in the deepest part of our soul and that is where our true self lies. To truly understand someone, one must understand why and which secrets the person keeps from others. Your closest friend to your spouse will probably have untold things that you will never learn about, a closest relationship is a relationship with no hidden secrets.


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