Interesting Stuff of the Week #2

Week 2

Sorry about the delay, I have extremely poor time management and it is something I work on to improve. Hope you guys enjoy week #2 of this series.

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1. If you didn’t know, bacteria is used in the process of creating cheese. Recently an experiment used bacteria from the noses, armpits, bellybuttons, or toes of several human participants to create cheese. I can already feel my mouth watering!

2. WARNING: Contains gore When an organism dies and lies undisturbed bacteria come and feed off the body, while feeding the bacteria release gases. Since these gases have no where to go, they build up inside the body and create pressure. The amount of pressure is depending on the size of the organism and as we all know the higher the pressure the bigger the explosion. 

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3. In edition #1 of Interesting Stuff of the Week I gave a brief explanation of bitcoins, this week bitcoins come up again. This time a college student received $24,000 in donations after waving the QR code that linked to his wallet on ESPN’s “College Gameday”. The picture become viral after being posted on Reddit resulting in the incredible amount of donations from the Reddit community.


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