The Only Time in your Life


More than I would like to, the question of “Why are we forced to spend our high school lives this way?”. The way I am referring to is the time juggling way of an AP/Honors student that wants to go to a prestigious college which usually requires A’s in said classes.Many times I have heard from others that high school only happens once and you can never reclaim the experience ever again so make it worthwhile both academically and socially.


On the academic side high school is basically the only time in your life you can qualify for entering a college as a college freshman. With this, it means that you would have to focus on achieving the highest academic accolades you possibly can to increase your chances of entering the college you want to go to. Distinguishing yourself academically means that you have to take advantage of the courses offered and entering the most advanced classes possible. Most times, if not all, the most advanced classes require a massive amount of effort and time to obtain an A in. The time taken while pursing this path takes up the time that is spent making high school an experience of meeting new people.


Socially, high school is a time for establishing your personality and making friends that could possibly be there for the rest of your life. Making friends doesn’t take that much time or effort, however establishing close relationships with friends requires a huge amount of time. The friends that you spend most of your time around and with are often the ones that are your closest friends and the ones that will stick with you through thick and thin. Usually becoming closer friends is done through spending time together doing stuff that is enjoyed by both, whether this is gaming together, going out to the movies together, or shopping the time spent together often interferes with the time that is spent obtaining the highest academic accolades.

I feel as if high school is a time with too much going on, a time that can send ripples or waves in your life. I often see that there are three things during your high school life you can do, but you can only choose two. The one that you didn’t choose would be the one that you wouldn’t have. I hope that one day I will be able to balance the three.


One comment on “The Only Time in your Life

  1. Story of my life. Thanks for sharing. I would like to argue though that the difficulty of taking high level classes definitely prepares you for the real world. AP classes are college level and thus should be treated as such. The lack of balance between entertainment and doing work is an annoyance but that’s just life.

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