Interesting Things of the Week #4




Valve selected beta testers for their Steam Machine, a console that hopes to rival both the Xbox One and PS4. Those beta testers recently received their Steam Machines, powerful consoles that are capable of much more than its rivals. Steam Machines can play games from the Steam Store, a online store with thousands of games, some that aren’t found anywhere else. Unlike the past where Steam games had to be played on the PC, the Steam Machine will allow for user to play the game on any TV.


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Pope Francis has been in the news for being compassionate to the less fortunate and rejecting the lavish lifestyle of past popes. The leader of the Catholic Church has been selected as Time’s Person of the Year beating out other well-known people from various parts of the world including Edie Windsor and Edward Snowden.


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The infamous Black Death during the 14th century killing an estimated 75 million to 200 million people, around 30-60% of Europe’s population at the time. The Black Death was caused by a form of disease called the Bubonic plague, a plague that is easily spreads due it being able to infect people through rats or fleas, both plentiful in almost all areas of the world. Recently, the Bubonic plague hit Madagascar and killed 20 people, however it is not the time to panic as there have been other cases of the Bubonic plague since the Black Death.


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