The Most Powerful Force


When asked the question of “what is the most powerful force?” some of us might think nuclear forces, money, military might, etc, I however think the most powerful force is an emotion. An emotion that compels people to move planets in order to accomplish a goal, an emotion that can result in going against the primal urge of survival, an emotion that is nearly unstoppable. What is this unstoppable force of an emotion that is being spoken of?

The emotion is love, a force so powerful it compels people to do things they would never consider doing. Love isn’t picky, she affects the babies to the elderly, the jobless to the multi-millionaire. Love can be for anything, a job, a hobby, a person, a religious entity, or even ones self. Love can influence both others and one’s self, causing both to experience feelings that can’t be created by any other emotion.

The Tale of Two Cities is an amazing example of the power of love. SPOILER ALERT In the book, a alcoholic lawyer loves a beautiful woman who has her heart set for someone else. He whispers to her, “A life you love” before saving her husband at the cost of his own life. The lawyer was willing to give up his own life to make the life of his loved one happier. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy reading the book until I reached the last few chapters, once I reached those chapters I almost cried reading the part where he goes to the guillotine. The alcoholic lawyer’s actions out of love moved me in a way no other emotion could have.


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