Two Sides of Laughter


LOL Lol lol lel rofl lmao, the ways we express the plethora of sounds humans make when we find something or someone to be entertaining or comedic. Whether it is a deep booming laugh that echoes across the room or a high pitched chorus of giggles, laughter the universal way we express joy, happiness, or even relief. However laughter also has a dark side, a side that leaves someone else with anger, helplessness, etc.

In high school, even though some don’t want to admit it, we are pretty immature and inconsiderate. Keeping immature and inconsiderate kids that have different interests and upbringings for 6+ hours a day leaves us with a volatile mixture of snide remarks and insults, remarks and insults that result in laughter from others. Laughter is often times worse than the words itself because laughter gives a nod of acceptance for the derogatory comment. As expressed in Mark Twain’s quote

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand”

being laughed at leaves one with a feeling of helplessness and left out. Humans are naturally social creatures and when it feels like the entire world is against you, it tears you up emotionally.

Often times when I reminiscence on my past experiences I remember things I regret saying immensely, I ask myself why did I say that, that person did absolutely nothing to me. Looking back gives me a feeling of wrong doing and leaves me with a determination to make the next day better for the people around me. A person that sticks by you when others have abandoned you for a few seconds of laughter is like a smile and a thumbs up when others have looked down on you.


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