Interesting Things of the Week #5



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1. Cancer, the replicating of cells at a massive rate, is a world wide problem. Cancer can attack nearly any part of the body and there has been no definite cure for cancer yet, only treatments that are inconvenient and/or invasive. Recently South Korean scientists have developed a nanobot guided by genetically created bacteria to combat cancer growths. The nanobot contains a mixture of drugs that is unleashed on the cancer growth when one is encountered.

Hospital Bill

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2. Surgery is expensive and hospital stay is expensive, yet no one expected the bill of $55,000 for a simple appendicitis operation and a 2 hour stay in the recovery room . Yet, the price of the bill is more than the salary of the average American for an ailment that is unpreventable.  Fortunately insurance paid for $43,000 of the bill leaving the lucky young man to pay $11,000.

Conjoined Whales

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3. Brothers are on one level of close bond, twins are on another; being connected by the flesh and forced to spend every second of your life with another creature completely redefines a close bond. Two gray whales were found conjoined in Mexico’s Laguna Ojo de Liebre by scientists on January 6, 2014, the first documented case of such a thing occurring.


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