Being Good to Know whats Bad

Recently I saw a video in my English class about a person’s creations, whether it be writing, a drawing, anything basically is often seen as unsatisfactory work. The video talked about because that person knows that the work is unsatisfactory, he/she has good taste. To know whats bad you would have to know whats good, which is an interesting concept in my opinion. This means that within everyone who finds a piece of work unsatisfactory, they have it in them to make a better piece of work. Unfortunately most give up and do not reach this ideal piece of work that they envision.

This brings me to the topic of giving up, which many in this world fall prey to. I am sad to admit, but I have given up many times in the past whether its little things such as starting my homework earlier or just completely stop wanting to learn something because it was too difficult. Often times people give up because they forgot how close they might be to the goal. When I was a child, I played the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Runescape, it was a game where you would have to constantly repeat the same action over and over to level up or obtain a rare item. In that game, I have often thought of giving up because getting to a certain level or obtaining a certain item was too difficult or time-consuming. At those times, I remembered something, the joy of achieving my goal; the thought of such a feeling propelled me out of the thought of giving up.


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