Interesting Things of the Week #8

Week 8


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As children, we probably all enjoyed legos, the wonderful building blocks that fueled the bonfires of our creativity. Now a days, the boxes upon boxes of legos are probably hidden in some neglected corner of a closet. Our days of manipulating the colorful blocks of imagination are over, or so we think. Google and LEGO have recently partnered up to make it possible to build with virtual LEGO blocks.


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As some of those know, parts of the southern US has been hit with a snow storm that crippled the highways and left many unprepared drivers stranded.Desperate situations bring out greatness in some, which is exactly what happened for a 62-year old doctor. Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw walked to a hospital 6 miles away to operate on a dying patient. As a result of Dr Hyrnkiw’s actions, the patient lived.

Free WiFi

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Everyone loves WiFi, it connects us with our friends, the outside world, and most importantly, the power of Google. Even though some may not want to admit it, today’s society has adapted around the use of WiFi and many can’t live without it. Good news for the citizens of Osaka, Japan; a city-wide free WiFi system was recently implemented so WiFi will always be available.


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