Unfortunate Circumstances


When we look at ourselves we often look at the worst in us, the times when we have failed, the times that we have embarrassed ourselves, the moments we are not proud of; we then take these moments and compare them to the moments of others around us. When we look at others, we see them in the best light, when their shell is on and they do not expose their inner vulnerabilities, as a result we think of them as perfect beings capable of everything. We compare ourselves at our most vulnerable point to others when they are at their most secure point which leaves us feeling insecure and less accomplished than others.

We are often most harsh on ourselves, we compare ourselves at the worst of times to others in their best of times. We pummel ourselves with disappointment, anger, frustration, even when it is in situations that are completely out of our control. As we see something we would like to achieve, we see it as a destination and our road to that destination begins. On that road may be bumps and obstacles but we work over those and work until we finally arrive at our destination. We try our very best on this road, yet sometimes our destination just can’t be reached.  Life is about the journey, rather than the destination; the sights and experiences we encounter during our journey is our reward even though we might have not achieved our final goal. We may have failed to reach out destination using that one path but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other paths that we can take. If there is an opportunity there is always a chance.


Just because you have failed one road doesn’t mean its impossible, fate is cruel some people have more advantages and are more fortuitous than others. That one girl you like may have almost all her classes with this other guy while you have none, another student may rich and have the available resources to buy materials and tutors, or your friend that you are secretly envious of may have a superior genetic makeup which results in him being better than you at sports. All these things you have circumstances that you have absolutely no control over, as long as you have tried your best, there is no reason to be down on yourself.


Dantes had the perfect life, a ship captain at an extremely young age, which secured his financial future, while engaged to the beautiful love of his life. He tried his best to be a caring family member to his fiancee and his father while also giving his all to his job. He deserved everything however fate dealt him a cruel hand, others out of jealousy and envy framed him which he had no control over. He later came to accept the fact that it was behind his control that his old life was destroyed and that it was time to move on, which for him meant the ruin of everyone who participated in the destruction of young Dantes’s life. Fate can always deal you a cruel hand, but it is your choice whether you want to keep playing or not


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