Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Time Wasted

Time Wasted

High school, a time of massive amounts of work, combined with high expectations, hormones, and mental development creates a hectic phase filled with insecure and confused teenagers. To escape from the mentally and physically taxing that arises from being a teenager, teenagers often spend their time on something that they enjoy and takes their minds off things whether this video games, sports, reading, drawing, etc. But the real question is whether this is a productive way to spend your time, are you wasting time that could be spent on working on that project that is due next week or that blog post that should be posted tomorrow. Should we feel wrong that we weren’t as productive as we could be?


As a teenager I ask myself this often usually after spending time on something like Reddit or YouTube. Thinking back I often tell myself I should have done something else, if I did I could have gotten more hours of sleep. Even though some might not admit it, homework is usually not fun, there is almost always something else you would like to do rather than homework. I remember when I had math homework assigned, but instead I played a few hours of Shogun 2, I felt really bad at the end but I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed myself. I ended finishing my math homework but I felt really bad that I actually put a game ahead of my math homework. Then again if I had put my math homework first I probably wouldn’t have been able to concentrate because all I would think about is the end result of completing my math homework. Should I have done my math homework first even though it might have been slower to do so or was I right to satisfy my urge to do something I enjoy? Was it wasting time?

In an extreme sense, wasting time was like Dante in the Count of Monte Cristo spending 14 years of his in prison for something he didn’t do. In those 14 years he lost everything he ever worked for and loved, 14 years of isolation and time he definitely didn’t enjoy. In 14 years he gained a thirst for vengeance and lost his belief in the innocence of reality. Even though one might not be doing schoolwork, and instead is doing something he/she enjoys; it is time spent nurturing one’s interests and developing oneself,  a positive result that shouldn’t be ignored. Next time don’t feel guilty when you are doing something you love, just remember not to overdue it as you have to be somewhat productive at one time or another!


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