You Want Most What You Can’t Have

You Want Most What You Can't Have

All humans have the basic urge wanting, whether this may be something concrete such as money, a new home, a friend or it can be abstract, someone’s love, gratitude, or attention. Humans are never satisfied, it is part of who we are, the richest man in the world may still yearn for the poorest man’s solitude and time, while the poorest man may yearn for the richest man’s lifestyle and money. This leads us to have the mentality that the grass is greener on the other side, that someone else’s life is better than ours and we wish to have such a life.

I often look around in the world and think about the lives of other people, about their worries, their interests, and their current mood. Everyone around us has a life as intricate and important as ours, a thing some may not realize. Some people I see have things I would love to have, things that I believe would make my life even better. However if you think about it, a perfect life is nearly achievable.  You may think that the richest man in the world may be the most happy, but is he? Does he have the privacy to do whatever he wants or the time to just relax? People often forget that a rich man still has worries and abstract things he can’t buy. A rich man with a bad attitude can buy “friends” but are they really his friends? or are they the friends of his wallet. I look at other guys and see them with amazing charm and speaking skills while I sit here in my mental turtle shell. Although I wouldn’t like to admit it, I envy those guys they make life seem so smooth and easy. It leaves me wondering would I trade what I have for what they have?

Moving On

At times I have been  thankful for what I have, while other times I am completely ignoring the positives aspects of being just me. To be truly happy one must come to accept the fact that his/her will have flaws, but it will also have perfections. You will never have everything others have so come to accept yourself as who you are. Often in life you will often want something but you can’t get it, moving on is probably the best choice. Simply hovering over the thought of achieving the unachievable will just waste your time. Move on, make the most of what you have, don’t just sit there and whine about it. Danglars in the Count of Montecristo hasn’t accepted this fact of life yet so he has ruined the life of others to make his better. Do not be this person, does it truly make you happy to ruin the life of others so that yours can better? Is it a true happy life if in the process you put others around you down?

Life is about moving on or doing something about it, both ways may be the difficult, but living a life you love is difficult. I hope that one day I shall truly learn that just sitting there and wanting something is not enough. It hurts when others have what you want, but it is a fact of life. Just because you see someone with what you want, don’t just sit there and obsess over it, either work for it and strive to achieve that want or just move on. In the words of my friend, “Don’t be a b**ch”. (Apologies for those who might be offended by vulgar language)


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