Medicines are Poisons Taken in Moderation


Everyone loves to do things they enjoy and have fun doing, sometimes overdoing it. Human’s basic nature is to follow the path with least resistance, that path is often the one of fun and games. Fun and games are good all the time for you right? Well think of this way, medicines are often poisons taken in moderation. Any type of medicine, whether its cough syrup, Tylenol, etc. is deadly if taken in large quantities. This applies to almost everything, too much of a good thing creates a poison.

Moderation is key, always make sure you don’t “overdose” on the things you enjoy. In the world today, addiction surrounds us; people are hooked on their phones, computers, food, drugs, video games, and others. Addiction is the absence of self-control and when there is no self-control moderation is not present. Without moderation those enjoyable activities, using your phone, using your computer, eating food, playing video games become a poison to your body, slowly paralyzing other aspects of your life. Do not let a single aspect of life control you, otherwise you won’t be able to lead a balanced life and enjoy the other aspects of life. Being able to practice self-control is a skill that will stay with you for your entire life, benefiting you in many and various situations, whether it be work, your relationship, or something else.

Sometimes the poison has already been paralyzed too much of your body for you to take action, that is when it is too late to take action. Dantes in “The Count of Monte Cristo” was rightly deserved vengeance for the wrongs that had been committed against him, however he began too obsessed the prospect of revenge which took over his life, changed who he was. The vegeance became a parasite, living off his anger and resentment, slowly the vengeance was all that he cared about, Dantes had nurtured his own destruction. If he had plotted his revenge in moderation rather than letting it take over his life he would have gotten the most of both worlds, his vengeance and kept his old personality.


To be honest, I am being extremely hypocritical at the moment, I am terrible at self-control. I spent way too much time on Reddit,video games, and TV series, I could probably call it an addiction. I know that if I don’t get this under control now it would probably have a even bigger negative impact on my life in the future, its not if it will negative affect my life but rather to what extent. One day, I will master the elusive art of self-control.


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