Crossing the Line

The modern human race, Homo Sapiens, been on the Earth for an insignificant amount of time yet having a impact that is definitely significant. We are arguably the most intelligent species on this planet yet we sometimes make the most stupid choices. We are capable of feeling emotions such as remorse, sympathy, sadness, yet at the same time we feel anger, envy, and hatred. We are capable of doing the most incredible things, yet at the same time we are also capable of destroying the most incredible things. A few humans are capable of committing the most terrible atrocities, murder, rape, torture, and many more unspeakable horrors. Our species believes in retribution and punishment to correct the wrongs that a person has done, but when do we draw a line when we punish? What punishments are capable of giving the victims peace?

Many will answer that capital punishment is the highest form of punishment, reserved for the most inhumane of murderers, yet is there something worse than death? Dantes in Alexander Duma’s “The Count of Monte Cristo” certainly believes that death is not the ultimate punishment. Depending on your beliefs, death may only be a quick amount of suffering before an end or it can be eternal suffering. Dantes argument is based on the atheist belief that death is simply an end, there is nothing after death. Dantes believes that things such various forms of tortures must be inflicted on the one who has committed the crime to be sufficient for a punishment.

Lethal Injection

Myself, I believe that capital punishment should be a definite punishment for murders that have proven to kill purposefully. When the murderer pulled the trigger of the gun or brought the knife down, he/she lost his/her right to live. By taking another life, the murder has given his/her life. There is no reason that taxpayer dollars must be used to fund the food, medical bills, and living bills for a murderer. It is offensive to the family members of the victims. Others often say that by executing the murderer we are bringing ourselves down the level of the murderer. How are we bringing ourselves down the level of the murderer when the victim died in some horrific way such as beating or stabbing. Capital punishment is often issued through lethal injection, a method that is believed to be painless and is definitely more humane than being beat or stabbed to death. Dantes’ idea of punishment might be a bit radical, punishment by lethal injection is in no way radical. If we offer a life times worth of food and board as a deterrent for a murder how can we expect to keep people from murdering others?


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