Experience the Worst In Order to Appreciate the Best

Seismograph of Life

Life is often compared to many objects and ideas, roller coasters, paths, a journey; what is found in all of these is that life is a variable. Life is never constant, you never know what to expect as you wake up in the morning; you could have an eventful day, a sad day, a disappointing day, an amazing day, to name a few. Most of the time our “neutral” days and our good days outnumber our bad days, yet when we encounter a bad day we complain and pout like its the end of the world. We often don’t think of what we have, but rather of what we don’t have in those moments of our life. Life is like a seismograph, there will be highs, lows, extreme rises, extreme drops, yet for every bad day we have there will probably be at least one good day to replace it.

Happiness in Little Things

As I was reading “the Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas, I really enjoyed the idea from the story that a person may only experience the best of times when they have went through the worst of times. This may be the secret to moving on in life and how to achieve happiness in life. I have observed that the people who have experienced the most pain and grief often experience the most happiness from the simplest things. In our everyday life we complain about little things, a lack of caps lock on our keyboard, a lack of Wifi, a lack of our preferred food choice, the keyword here being lack. We focus too much on what we lack rather than we already have. A lack of caps lock? Be happy that you have the opportunity to use a computer. Lack of WiFi? Be happy that you have a device capable of connecting to the Internet. A lack of preferred food choice? Be happy that you go to bed feeling full. Me, living in Southern California, probably had it better than over 2/3 of the world, if not more. Most people around this area are also probably live in the same living conditions and expectations. We go through the daily joys of life like it is nothing, think about it; we are able to afford a ride in an automobile, we are able to look in the fridge and see food, we are able to feel safe when we are at home, we are able to express our ideas without being persecuted. For those that live in countries such as North Korea and Somalia, these liberties that we use so unthankfully would be heaven. They have experienced worst “days” than we have therefore their ability to feel joy is increased. Us being spoiled our entire lives, we do not take joy in the simple joys of life but rather wanting more and more luxuries.

Pistachios of Life

Going back to the idea that life is unstable, always going up and down; we should realize that when we are having a really bad day, this increases our ability to be thankful and to enjoy a great day in the future. Those who experience good days everyday can never appreciate nor truly enjoy a good day as for them it is just a regular occurrence, they have no reason to be thankful for it as they have had nothing else.  Think about it this way, when you eat a bag of pistachios, you sometimes receive a bad pistachio, the bitter ones, the deformed ones; we eat it and move on. When we hit a good pistachio, the one that is just the right texture, taste, and crunchiness, we savor it even more. By knowing what a bad pistachio is, we have come to appreciate the good pistachio. So the next time your day is a bad pistachio remember that it just a way in the great scheme of the universe to allow you to savor the next good pistachio even more.


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