People Change


We all remember middle school, a time many do not speak of, the dark ages of our lives so to speak. Middle school is a mixing pot of kids with a mental age of 7 while others have a mental age of 14. This imbalance makes middle school a time of extreme awkwardness for many, doing things that we still do not understand today. Today we sometimes remember a specific event from middle school and cringe silently as we think about how immature we were back then.

One thing that really makes me cringe is looking at my old Facebook statuses. The grammar was atrocious, my attitude was a joke, and my respect for others was non-existent. I often look back and think, why in the world did I do that, what two brain cells came together and thought it was smart to insult this person or to react this way to a certain situation. Today I might think it was a stupid decision but back then I actually thought I was doing the right thing. It made me think, other people in their middle school years probably did dumb things also, and talking to others learned that I was right.

My friend told me a very simple idea today, don’t judge others too harshly because of one reason, people change. We see this in the Count of Monte Cristo when Dantes changes from an innocent man into a man of cunning and ruthlessness, while others do not judge him as they do not know his true identity, this is not true in reality. In reality, we often judge others in high school because they are weird or different compared to us, we often think of them as socially unacceptable as they do not act their age. What my friend said made me think about my middle school days, how I hated when people judged me. Even though now my actions back then were irrational and dumb, I still remember the looks from those who laughed at me. It is a feeling I will probably never forget. That being said, who am I to judge others for the differences they have with me? They could change into the social norm or they could stay who they are, it shouldn’t matter to me or anyone else; it should only matter to them.


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