The Lessons of Rocky


I remember when I was about 8 or 9 I remember flipping channels with my dad and landing on this movie about boxing. Even though I was a mere 8 or 9 I still remember the name of the movie, Rocky Balboa IV. I have never seen the previous Rocky Balboas, well until now, but I have always remembered how good Rocky Balboa IV was. Now that I have seen Rocky Balboa I, I finally understand the story. The qualities and themes displayed by the movie creates something that everyone should watch at least once in their life. The story of how an underdog rises to the top can be a story that applies to everyone as no matter where you stand in this world, there is always someone better than you, whether it is ethically, morally, or  materialistically.

One of the best themes displayed by the movie is that the ending of something doesn’t matter, as stated in a previous blog post, it is the journey that matters, not the destination. Rocky starts off as a boxer past his prime, still dreaming of the days that never were. He works several jobs and is in a dead end in his life, until a stroke of luck hits him, and Apollo Creed decides to fight a underdog from the streets of Philadelphia. Due to Rocky’s catchy title of the “Italian Stallion” he is chosen as the man that Apollo will fight. At this point in the movie I thought Rocky would be the winner, that he would emerge victorious and would eventually become rich and famous. Oh how wrong was I. As Apollo Creed was a world-class boxer and Rocky was mere neighborhood entertainment, he had a long way to go to even get close to surviving a punch from Apollo. Although the movie brushes past the parts where Rocky is training, the watcher can see that Rocky is working extremely hard to get into shape for a world-class fight. On the day of the fight, Rocky does much better than is predicted, surprising even Apollo Creed. Even though it demonstrates a very important theme to life and makes the movie more realistic, I didn’t approve of the part when Rocky lost. The part when Rocky calls for Adrian and she runs up to him made up for the part when Rocky lost though.

Adrian and Rocky

The development of the relationship between Rocky and Adrian was an extremely enjoyable aspect of the movie. Two socially awkward people coming together and getting each other out of their shells creates an almost fairy tale ending. The quote about how they fill each other’s gaps really describes a relationship. A relationship doesn’t have to have two people that are completely the same, people that are different than each other will be able to provide each other with new things in life. With different people in a relationship, one can give to the other what he/she doesn’t have, which is what Rocky did for Adrian and vice versa. It is really something that changed my mind as previously I believed that relationships were about people that were really similar to you, however now Rocky taught me that people can be slightly similar but relationships are about filling in each other’s gaps. In a sense, a relationship makes you complete, allowing you to reach your true potential. This is certainly true for Adrian when Rocky changed her from a completely social hermit into a more outgoing person.


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  1. thekittyhat says:

    I like your views on this movie 🙂

    Write on, my friend

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