The Glue of the Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai

In everyone’s group, there is always that one person that doesn’t take anything seriously; the one that spends his time joking around and annoying others. We usually never appreciate that person, always telling him to shut up or go away, we never realize how much he affects the group in general, we never see that without him the group wouldn’t be the same. Kikuchiyo from the Seven Samurai embodies this role of a group clown.


When I first started watching the Seven Samurai and I first saw Kikuchiyo, my thoughts of him were extremely negative. I saw him as a weirdo who needed to grow up and stop acting so childish. As the movie progresses I saw what he did for the group and I have come to love him. One of the most memorable moments in the movie was when Kikuchiyo yelled at everyone to stop crying because a fellow samurai had died and when no one would Kikuchiyo grabbed the samurai’s banner and stuck it on top of a house. The scene of the banner waving in the wind was so inspiring, even to me as a viewer, it shook the villagers and other samurai back into reality. Kikuchiyo is the glue that binds everyone together, both the samurai and the villagers. We see this when he brings the villagers onto friendlier terms with the samurai at the beginning of the movie when the villagers are frightened by the presence of samurai. By doing so, Kikuchiyo ensured that the two groups would work together.


In my opinion, the worst death in the entire movie was the death of Kikuchiyo. Without the presence of such a energetic character that kept everyone’s spirits up, it made the atmosphere seem dark and hostile. The Seven Samurai instantly felt like it was missing something. The death of Kikuchiyo made me realize that the group clown is probably one of the most important, if not the most important, member of the group. The group clown is the glue that holds everyone together, especially when hard times strain these relations. Rest in Peace Kikuchiyo, I loved watching your antics in the movie, you were the character that really made the movie what it is.


2 comments on “The Glue of the Seven Samurai

  1. Great post about a great movie. Thanks for blogging on this, you are one of the few students who did.

  2. chrisdiep says:

    My pleasure, Mr. Theriault, thank you for reading my post.

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