Using Reddit

The rarer something is, the more value it has to us, a concept that applies to nearly everything. Since free time is not something found very commonly by high school students, it is probably pretty high up there on a list of things that a high school student values. While we are worried whether our grades are able to stay above the water after the next test, the world continues to move on; politicians continue to argue, people continue to criticize, science continues to advance. How are we to keep up with current events if we do not have the time to watch an hour of news or go on news websites and have to sift through piles of articles to get those that are significant.


This is the part when Reddit comes in, known as the front page of the internet; Reddit is a site where a plethora of topics are discussed and posted, all based on user appeal and relevance to the layman. Reddit may look complicated when first visited, but it is actually a very simple website to use. Reddit is like a tree, with each branch being a different subreddit, or topic. When Reddit is first visited, the website chooses 15 default tree branches, or subreddits, for you to look at.  These sub-reddits range from food to jokes to pictures. So how is this useful to me if there is no news? Thankfully, Reddit created a feature where a user can only see content from certain sub-reddits, in this case we shall use it to only include current events from around the world.

1. First of all, a Reddit account must be created, a very simple task. All that is required is some creativity for a username and a password of your choosing. Start by looking over to the upper area of the right hand corner and you will see the register button, click on it and type in your preferred user name and password.

Reddit Step .5

Reddit Step 1

2. After your account has been created, look over to the left hand side of the screen and select the create button under multireddits section. Name your new multireddit as whatever you would like.

Reddit Step 2

3. Add the preferred subreddits by typing the name of the subreddit in. Add as many as you would like, the content from each subreddit should now be combined into one page.

Reddit Step 3


4. After all that has been done, you shall now see a page that only consists of links from those specific subreddits, click any that interest you and they shall take you to the news site that has the story.

Reddit Step 4

Another great thing about this features of mutlireddits is that you can do this for any topic, you can create multireddits that consist of only food, clothing, cars, plants, science, technology, or anything else that intrigues your mind. With a click of a button, you can now view what you are interested in, most of which updates completely nearly everyday. And guess what, not only does the multireddit provide your brain with intellectual fuel, you also conserve what you love most, time.



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