Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality: The Future of Gaming


The Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display developed by Oculus VR.  The consumer version is not expected to release until spring of 2015 but the company has been releasing development kits for tech fanatics to try their hand in virtual reality.  The company has received widespread feedback from the fans and their kick starter campaign has raised over 2 million dollars.  Oculus’ most recent creation, dev kit 2, retails for 395 dollars on their website and has a backup of 6-8 weeks.

So what is the Rift?

The Rift is a head-set which fully immerses you in the game.  The screen built into the headset allow you to look around and view the world around you as if you are in the game.  The user views the screen through two separate lenses, for each eye, making the experience as realistic as possible.  Built in motion and orientation sensors detect movement of your head and relay back to the computer turning your field of view in the game.

What does this mean for gaming?

This new innovation opens a door of possibilities for the future of gaming.  Many companies are already developing accessories which pair with the Rift enabling even more immersion.  Gloves which allow you to look and move your hands.  Simulators which mimic body movements.  the possibilities are endless.   In the near future, virtual reality will become a consumer product.

So what are the pros and cons of this product, and what do people really think of it after they try it for themselves?

These are questions that we hope to answer in the near future.  Stay tuned to travel Diep in the Rift.


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