The Unknown Future

Unknown Future

When we were little we have all seen privileges others had that we wanted so badly; privileges like being able to stay up past 10, eating ice cream before dinner, watching PG-13 movies among some. We all wanted to grow up faster, to be able to do the things the big kid did. This year, it finally hit me: I am the big kid now.

I remember my first day entering high school, not only was it a completely different school but also a completely different district for me as well, which meant I knew almost no one and making friends was something I was not very proficient at. The different bell schedules, one short lunch instead of a recess and a lunch, completely new people, and intimidating upperclassmen created an entire new world for me. No longer was I in junior high, I was now in the big leagues, the stuff I saw on TV, I was now in high school.

Junior Year

Today I am a junior, can you believe it, one of the upperclassmen that intimidated my freshman self. I am 2 years from becoming legally an adult , 2 years from knowing whether or not I would get into the college of my dreams, 2 years from leaving my friends behind. It is a prospect that strikes terror within me as there are so many unknowns in the next two years, what if I don’t get into college? What will I major in? Will I have a prom date? What if my grades plummet? I look back at my younger self and sometimes I wish I was there again, being a big kid wasn’t all it was cut out to be. As a junior I feel like I am walking down a pitch black corridor with a flashlight that occasionally flickers, briefly revealing what my future holds me. I have some idea of what college I want to go to, what major I wish to go in, what job I want to hold in the future, yet none of these are definite which is something that feels extremely uncomfortable.

Even though what the future holds for me is almost completely unknown to me, it is something that I know will be great. When I look back two years ago I see my own foolish self, one that was embarrassingly awkward, one that couldn’t publicly speak, one that hadn’t had a trace of confidence, one that is completely different from the person I am today. The changes I have went through in the past two years make me someone my past self would envy. Even if it means growing up, I look forward to the next two years of high school; my last two years have been an amazing experience, I have no doubts that the next 2 will be even better.

Junior year, lets do this.


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