Experience the Worst In Order to Appreciate the Best

Seismograph of Life

Life is often compared to many objects and ideas, roller coasters, paths, a journey; what is found in all of these is that life is a variable. Life is never constant, you never know what to expect as you wake up in the morning; you could have an eventful day, a sad day, a disappointing day, an amazing day, to name a few. Most of the time our “neutral” days and our good days outnumber our bad days, yet when we encounter a bad day we complain and pout like its the end of the world. We often don’t think of what we have, but rather of what we don’t have in those moments of our life. Life is like a seismograph, there will be highs, lows, extreme rises, extreme drops, yet for every bad day we have there will probably be at least one good day to replace it.

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Crossing the Line

The modern human race, Homo Sapiens, been on the Earth for an insignificant amount of time yet having a impact that is definitely significant. We are arguably the most intelligent species on this planet yet we sometimes make the most stupid choices. We are capable of feeling emotions such as remorse, sympathy, sadness, yet at the same time we feel anger, envy, and hatred. We are capable of doing the most incredible things, yet at the same time we are also capable of destroying the most incredible things. A few humans are capable of committing the most terrible atrocities, murder, rape, torture, and many more unspeakable horrors. Our species believes in retribution and punishment to correct the wrongs that a person has done, but when do we draw a line when we punish? What punishments are capable of giving the victims peace?

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Medicines are Poisons Taken in Moderation


Everyone loves to do things they enjoy and have fun doing, sometimes overdoing it. Human’s basic nature is to follow the path with least resistance, that path is often the one of fun and games. Fun and games are good all the time for you right? Well think of this way, medicines are often poisons taken in moderation. Any type of medicine, whether its cough syrup, Tylenol, etc. is deadly if taken in large quantities. This applies to almost everything, too much of a good thing creates a poison.

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You Want Most What You Can’t Have

You Want Most What You Can't Have

All humans have the basic urge wanting, whether this may be something concrete such as money, a new home, a friend or it can be abstract, someone’s love, gratitude, or attention. Humans are never satisfied, it is part of who we are, the richest man in the world may still yearn for the poorest man’s solitude and time, while the poorest man may yearn for the richest man’s lifestyle and money. This leads us to have the mentality that the grass is greener on the other side, that someone else’s life is better than ours and we wish to have such a life.

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Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Time Wasted

Time Wasted

High school, a time of massive amounts of work, combined with high expectations, hormones, and mental development creates a hectic phase filled with insecure and confused teenagers. To escape from the mentally and physically taxing that arises from being a teenager, teenagers often spend their time on something that they enjoy and takes their minds off things whether this video games, sports, reading, drawing, etc. But the real question is whether this is a productive way to spend your time, are you wasting time that could be spent on working on that project that is due next week or that blog post that should be posted tomorrow. Should we feel wrong that we weren’t as productive as we could be?

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Trouble with Understanding Books


As many of us have experienced, reading assigned books is part of curriculum, sometimes these assigned books are difficult to read as they were written in another decade or another century. Unfortunately for us, the English changes, and it changes often, some words that were used with a certain context in the 1980s would be used in a completely different context today. As we are used to the English language as it is today, it is difficult for us to understand the English language of times past without effort. Often times, our brains would completely blank out and we would completely be unaware of what we are reading while still reading. This phenomenon is explained in this quite interesting Reddit thread.

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