Two Thousand and Fifteen


Photo ©2015 by Peter Thoeny (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Two thousand and fifteen, we are 5 years away from the year 2020 and 15 years past the millennial; its still hard to believe that Obama has been president for 7 years already, that it has been 14 years since 9/11.  So far this year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me, I have had experiences I would have never think I would ever have, seen the sides of people I never thought I would be forced to see, and had to make choices I would never even consider that I would be forced to make. Two thousand and fifteen has been one hell of a year.

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All About the Presentation


As a teenager, whenever you see someone, you make automatic assumptions and judgement. Based on what he/she is wearing, how he/she carries himself/herself, who he/she hangs out with you make assumptions such as “Oh he must be smart” or “Wow shes pretty, but shes out of my league”. Presentation is vital in everything you do, from writing to the way you are in public to what your binder looks like.

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