Puzzle and Dragons


A unique game created by the Japanese video game producer GungHo called Puzzle and Dragons has been seen on the phone screens of many around campus. The game is one of the most popular apps in Japan and the 23rd top grossing app in the US. Puzzle and Dragons appeals to a wide array of audience by utilizing a unique combination of Bejewled-like game play with the evolution and collection of various monsters. Various factors in the game have made it so that it has been so appealing to such a diverse audience.

The game features a slightly steep learning curve as learning several mechanics in the game such as learning how to combo correctly, what to evolve first, or what team to create makes its unappealing to some that first start the game. Once this difficulty is overcome, the game becomes a sort of Pokemon-like adventure with the player going through the dungeon attempting to collect monsters, beat dungeons, and create various teams. The game doesn’t have a set goal but features a series of dungeons that the player can beat to obtain in-game experience and currency.


In order to activate one’s monsters, orbs consisting of fire, water, wood, dark, light, and heart have to be matched with the game rewarding the player with sound effects, appealing visual effects, and stronger attacks with increasingly larger combos. Each game starts off with a different board full of the different orbs which makes it so that the game has a new experience every single time one enters a dungeon as no two dungeon is the same experience. This makes it so that it becomes very hard for the player to become board as there is little repetition in Puzzle and Dragons.


Much work is put into the art of the monsters as well, with many monsters catering to the “woah cool” factor for many players. Players are encouraged to play the game and evolve their monsters as monsters become increasingly visually appealing as they are evolved into stronger and stronger forms. Certain monsters that look better than others and are stronger than other are obtained from what is called the rare egg machine. The rare egg machine uses an in-game currency called magic stones which are obtained slowly through game progression or spending cash in real life on them. As many monsters from this machine are strong, many users are persuaded to spend money on the game.